Why Choose C.T. Harris & Company?

It is important to find an accountant you can trust with your financial matters and who you can count on for sound financial and taxation advice in a confidential environment. As all business clients can directly access advice from our Principal, Chris Harris, clients can be confident they are receiving advice based on knowledge and experience. There are several key characteristics which C.T. Harris & Company feel define our firm.

Good, long term relationships

C.T. Harris & Company are very interested in creating and maintaining good, long term relationships because these build trust and allow both parties to work together effectively. Our focus on nurturing these relationships has meant that many clients and team members have been working productively with Chris for over a decade. When providing financial advice, we look at what will be most beneficial over the longer term, rather than just providing quick fixes that may prove costly later. We have a genuine interest in our clients and their success and we are available when they need us most.

First hand experience in business

Unlike many other accountants, Chris operates other businesses separate to his accounting business. This allows Chris to understand the diverse challenges faced by business owners, including human resources, debt facilities, market conditions, etc.
Chris uses this first hand experience when meeting with business clients to help them identify issues before they arise and provide timely recommendations. Chris can provide an independent point of view and act as a sounding board for ideas about how to maintain and grow your business, making sure you are well informed about the cash flow and tax implications of decisions.

Understanding of family businesses and business partnerships

C.T. Harris & Company understands the benefits and complexities of family and business partnerships. When working with business partnerships, Chris helps identify the individual and collective goals of all parties involved to determine if there is a shared vision. There will always be times of transition where individuals seek to increase or decrease their involvement in the business, and Chris can assist all parties to understand the possibilities and implications of these important decisions. Additionally, for families or partners running a series of separate businesses, Chris can examine the bigger picture to identify opportunities for growth and synergy. We currently provide assistance to families and unrelated partners in business to help them create shared vision and work through succession planning, business acquisitions, the creation and dissolving of business partnerships, and the sale of assets.

If you would like to find out more information about how we could help you, feel free to contact us and schedule a no obligation meeting to discuss your situation.