As restrictions ease and more businesses are allowed to reopen, it is vital for all business owners to move from a focus on survival to considerations around how their business can recover and prosper for the longer term. For some, it may mean investing time in developing new offerings because their current business model is no longer viable. For others, it is about taking advantage of new opportunities that have been created due to a shift in the way we live and work. 

While we may not know exactly what the future has in store, business owners can take several steps to make sure they're taking a proactive approach to the future of their business:

  1. Know the numbers - Make sure you have an accurate picture of your income, expenses, assets and liabilities at the end of June.
  2. Verify the viability - Run the ruler over every aspect of your business. What current offerings and practices are sustainable, particularly if government stimulus is not available?
  3. Identify opportunities - In what ways might your business be able to pivot to explore new markets or offerings which look potentially viable?
  4. Create your plan - Where do you want your business to be in the next 12 months? 3 years? 5 years? What steps do you need to take now to reach these goals? What obstacles or issues may create challenges for you and your business?

Now is the time to be looking over the horizon and reshaping your business to be what you want it to be on the other side of the current disruption. Feel free to contact Chris and the team if you'd like help to better understand your business' current financial position or to create a strategic plan.

Social distancing, but not distant!

The last couple of months have been filled with uncertainty on many fronts for business owners. Throughout this time, Chris and the team have been busy helping clients, whether it was around creating new services or offerings, accessing government stimulus and JobKeeper payments, or developing new strategic plans for altered business conditions. With travel restrictions easing, Chris is back on the road visiting rural clients again.

Last week, he caught up with Barry and Sue Tessmann at their farm just outside Emerald. Barry and Sue have been very busy with their farming operation as well as owning and operating Armfleece Earthmoving which provides all sorts of equipment which is used in the Central Queensland mining industry. It was great to be back on farm again.

While we care about your health and are practicing social distancing, we're never distant!

Welcome Blondie and Bling

When local business Koorana Crocodile Farm was feeling the Coronavirus pinch, C.T. Harris and Company signed up to their Adopt a Croc program to help them make it out the other side. We'd like to welcome our recently adopted crocs, Blondie and Bling, to the C.T. Harris and Company Team. They will be involved in helping out with security and will be in charge of taking calls from unsolicited tele-marketers. As a unique Central Queensland attraction and a great example of a business which has diversified via farming, tourism, and product offerings, we're looking forward to many fun family trips to Koorana into the future.

Do you want to receive up to $5,000

Do you want to receive up to $5,000 to help your emerging small business become more strategic and successful?
Please share the word about the current round of the Queensland Government's Small Business Entrepreneur Grants program, where eligible small businesses can receive up to $5,000 in matched funds to invest in working with a consultant, advisor or business coach for up to 3 months.
C.T. Harris & Company provides a range of business advice and consulting services and would be happy to provide you with a customised proposal around your particular needs. We can help your business identify its current opportunities and challenges via our 100-point performance review and use these data to help you set and achieve goals. We specialise in the creation and monitoring of business plans, which can help you operate more strategically and in ways which will maximise your business growth. Chris is also available for more focused consultations around opportunities or challenges you may have identified, providing an external sounding board with decades of business experience that you can go to for advice when making big decisions.
The current grant round
closes at 5pm on 30 August 2019. For more information about the grant as well as the eligibility criteria go to:
Contact Chris at C.T. Harris & Company to discuss how he can help your business grow and thrive by ringing 07 4927 8822 or email

RACQ Capricorn Rescue Helicopter

We are proud to support the RACQ Capricorn Rescue Helicopter by being a member of their Rescue 300 Club.
It was great to attend the Community Open Day on 3 March, 2019.
This organisation does great work in the CQ region.
If you would like to support them go to for more information.

Happy Australia Day

We hope you have a great Australia Day and enjoy celebrating all of the things which make this country great.

Happy New Year

The team at C.T. Harris & Company would like to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year. It is now time to start putting your New Year's resolutions into action. However, have you set yourself the right goals? Remember, goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Time-based). We hope that you are able to refine your goals in ways which allow them to be true drivers of positive change within your business in 2019.

Reflecting on 2018

The end of the year is a natural time to reflect on what has occurred personally and professionally during the past 12 months. I encourage all business owners to spend time this week reflecting holistically on your business' performance this year. In what ways was your business successful? How is the market changing and evolving within your industry? What do customers seem to want? How might your business continue to improve and evolve?
Most importantly, what do you want your business to look like at the end of 2019? 

Merry Christmas

The team at C.T. Harris & Company wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

After another big year, we hope that this festive season provides time for you to catch up with family and friends and relax. For those travelling, we hope you have a great journey. 
We look forward to catching up with you in the new year.

C.T. Harris and Company would like to congratulate Richard & Adele Acton from "Greenroc" Queensland who were awarded this year's Harris Award at the Executive Link meeting of RCS in Rockhampton. This award is for outstanding achievement in agribusiness and this year's winners have clarified their business' vision and goals, have sold properties and purchased a new property to consolidate their operation, as well as overcoming personal obstacles which arose.

As a business owner there is a tendency to focus on what jobs and projects are still to be completed, however we strongly recommend that from time to time you look back and recognise what you have achieved as well as what challenges you have overcome.

We started presenting this award fifteen years ago. It is our way of acknowledging outstanding achievement in agribusiness and w
e would like to thank Terry, Pam, David and the RCS team for allowing us to be involved in presenting this award.

This award is close to our hearts because although our family are often associated with our accounting business, we have also been heavily involved in agribusiness for many years and enjoy using this first-hand experience to help our rural clients grow their businesses. My parents Paul and Clare started their cattle business from scratch and it has now grown into a significant Wagyu operation. One of Paul's greatest sayings is that:

'If you are doing the same as you have always done, you'll always get the same results you've always got'.

By taking a risk to invest in genetics and change the composition of our herd, this has placed us in a much better position to service market demand. We have been involved with RCS for many years and have attended grazing for profit, graduate link and executive link programs. Through our own businesses, we have learned about the importance of working hard, listening to and acting on expert advice, and showing perseverance in the face of adversity. These are the qualities we looked for when deciding on the winner of the award for this year and we'd like to congratulate the winners and all nominees for their contributions to the agribusiness industry and the inspiration they provide. Well done.

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