Pitch in the Paddock at Beef Australia 2018

On Wednesday 9 May the 'Pitch in the Paddock' event was held at Beef 2018. This was a great event with eight pitches promoting solutions for common problems in the beef industry.

First up was All Quotes Direct which saves primary producers time getting quotes for everything used in the beef industry such as cattle yards, fencing, water tanks, troughs, supplement, vaccines, ear tags, vehicles, motorbikes and many other products.

Next was Farmgate MSU which focuses on humane and ethical on-farm slaughter of high quality beef and lamb using mobile service units (MSUs). 

Then there was Livestock Labs which is developing a system to collect biometric data for each animal so that the livestock manager can be notified if there are any critical actions which need to be undertaken to treat disease or other problems the livestock may encounter.

Next was Fluxx which is a peer to peer general freight platform. 

Then there was MEQ Probe which provides objective measurements by using next-generation laser technologies coupled with machine learning to predict the eating quality of meat in real time.

Next was ProAgni which focuses on animal nutrition using probiotic additives as a way to accelerate the removal of ingested antibiotics from animal feed.

Then there was Vence Corp which offers virtual fencing and livestock management devices which reduce the need for physical fencing and increase the real-time information available to graziers about their animals.

Finally there was Water Save which provides an autonomous watering system using LoRaWAN technology and field sensors to optimise water supply based on real time field data.

There were five judges providing feedback to the presenters and one of the judges was Glen Richards who is known for his participation in the Shark Tank series. All of the judges asked relevant questions and provided constructive feedback for the presenters.

Overall it was very interesting to see how innovation, technology and data capture and usage are all converging to assist primary producers to increase production and commercial outcomes.

Well done to the sponsors and organisers of this event.

Breakfast with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

During Beef 2018 it was great to attend the breakfast with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. He has a great deal of knowledge about a wide range of different areas and took the audience on a journey covering some very important topics. There were a lot of facts which we all learned about as well as some interesting forecasts for where we are headed.

Many thanks to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for organising this event.

Waygu Fullblood Sale Rockhampton

On Monday 7 May 2018 we attended the inaugural Waygu Fullblood Sale in Rockhampton which was the first live Waygu sale in Australia. There was a total of 69 lots which included bulls, females, semen and embryos. At the sale we sold six heifers which were less than two years old and given their genetics and history there was very keen interest in these cattle. Congratulations to the sale organisers, vendors and buyers as it was a great event for a breed which has had increasing interest over recent years.

Ten Mile Station – Property Tour

On Sunday 6 May 2018 we hosted over 200 people from the Australian Wagyu Association on a property tour at one of our properties 'Ten Mile Station' which is approximately 50 kilometres north of Duaringa. There was a lot of interest in our cattle and our Wagyu project which is now in its eleventh year. On the herd front there were lots of questions and discussions around genetics, reproductive activities and our goals for the future. Regarding the property development there was also a lot of discussion around the leuceana and other improvements which we have carried out over the last twenty-four years. We would like to thank Paul and Clare for their ongoing efforts as well as Mark & Lyn and the team at Ten Mile for making this such a great event.

Welcome to Beef Australia 2018

If you are going to be in Rockhampton between 6 to 12 May 2018 for Beef Australia 2018 we would like to welcome you.

Organising this event is a significant undertaking and we would like to congratulate Denis Cox and his team on bringing another great event to Rockhampton and Central Queensland.

For the event program and all the details go to

Don't hesitate to let us know if you would like to catch up sometime.

Seattle Angels Conference

In April I attended a pitch event for the Seattle Angel Conference which was held at the Comotion Labs at the University of Washington's Seattle Campus.

Each of the five startups had an opportunity to pitch and then this was followed by a very thorough question and answer session.

There were a significant range of companies to review. One company was totally focused on robotics operating systems and looking to disrupt the robotics industry. Another one was providing a biomedical solution which had the capacity to generate significant savings in the health industry. There were also companies which offered solutions to problems in the general medical, sporting and human resource industries.

Each of the presenters did a great job of outlining where they see their company playing a role for customers and also how they are planning to mitigate the known risks which may impede their success.

This was a great opportunity to discuss the opportunities with the company founders as well as share experiences with other angel investors and hear about some of their best and worst experiences to date.

The concept for the conference was to start with around thirty opportunities and over a number of weeks and pitch sessions to reduce the number to one successful company which the angels would then invest in. Behind the scenes there was a significant amount of due diligence which was being carried out and all of the investors would report back on regular timeframes to outline the positive and negative things about each of the opportunities.

This also allowed the founders a reasonable amount of time to get to know the angel investors so that each group could outline how the companies could best be moved forward.

Overall this was a great event and provided an interesting insight into how one angel group is operating in the North West of the United States of America.

Meetup at Galvanize Seattle

During a recent trip to the United States of America it as great to attend a meetup at the Galvanize office in Seattle, Washington.

Galvanize is a learning community for technology and provides a home base for students, entrepreneurs and companies to learn, work and grow.

They generally utilise the lean startup program to refine ideas and test the market.

There were startup founders and investors at the meeting and it was good to go through some of the common challenges faced such as:

How do I find a co-founder?
Who do I need on my team?
How do I get the right team together?

It was no surprise that a critical part of any startup is making the right connections.

There was discussion about the different funding models which are available and it was interesting outlining the benefits of each of the different models.

After the meeting it was great to take the tour of each of the six levels of the building to see the students, entrepreneurs and companies in action. Galvanize provides a great facility as well as experienced mentors who assist with creating viable startups and providing the right processes to keep the startup alive and growing.

Happy Easter Everyone

The team at C.T. Harris & Company would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe Easter. Whether you prefer chocolate eggs or prawns we hope you have a great time.

McGrath Property Investment Seminar

It was great to present at the McGrath Property Investment Seminar yesterday. There was a lot of relevant information covered relating to the income tax and financial planning aspects of property investment.

The main topics discussed were:

  • Reviewing your financial position
  • Reviewing your property value and capital gains
  • Reviewing your income returns
  • How to increase both your property value and income returns
  • Repairs vs renovations and improvements
  • The importance of having a depreciation schedule
  • The impact of claiming depreciation on your capital gains and income returns
  • Developing a property investment plan
  • Record keeping

Neil Richardson outlined how he uses his quantity surveying skills and experience to generate depreciation schedules. 

Thank you Todd Brandon & Brooke Brandon and the McGrath Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast team for arranging this seminar. 

Breakfast with John McGrath

On Tuesday 27 February, 2018 it was great to meet John McGrath over breakfast at Headricks Lane.
John had a very interesting story to tell about how he started in real estate and the challenges he has faced during his journey. He outlined how his McGrath real estate agencies focus on the importance of developing relationships with the four main groups being – tenants, landlords, property buyers and property sellers.
There was also an update on what is happening in Australia's three main property markets being:
1) Sydney & Melbourne,
2) Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Darwin and
3) other regional markets.
John outlined his keen interest in the Central Queensland property market and the areas where he saw prospects for growth in both our local economy and more broadly in the real estate market.
Thank you to Todd Brandon, Brooke Brandon, Bev Smith and the whole McGrath Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast team for organising such a great event.