C.T. Harris and Company would like to congratulate Richard & Adele Acton from "Greenroc" Queensland who were awarded this year's Harris Award at the Executive Link meeting of RCS in Rockhampton. This award is for outstanding achievement in agribusiness and this year's winners have clarified their business' vision and goals, have sold properties and purchased a new property to consolidate their operation, as well as overcoming personal obstacles which arose.

As a business owner there is a tendency to focus on what jobs and projects are still to be completed, however we strongly recommend that from time to time you look back and recognise what you have achieved as well as what challenges you have overcome.

We started presenting this award fifteen years ago. It is our way of acknowledging outstanding achievement in agribusiness and w
e would like to thank Terry, Pam, David and the RCS team for allowing us to be involved in presenting this award.

This award is close to our hearts because although our family are often associated with our accounting business, we have also been heavily involved in agribusiness for many years and enjoy using this first-hand experience to help our rural clients grow their businesses. My parents Paul and Clare started their cattle business from scratch and it has now grown into a significant Wagyu operation. One of Paul's greatest sayings is that:

'If you are doing the same as you have always done, you'll always get the same results you've always got'.

By taking a risk to invest in genetics and change the composition of our herd, this has placed us in a much better position to service market demand. We have been involved with RCS for many years and have attended grazing for profit, graduate link and executive link programs. Through our own businesses, we have learned about the importance of working hard, listening to and acting on expert advice, and showing perseverance in the face of adversity. These are the qualities we looked for when deciding on the winner of the award for this year and we'd like to congratulate the winners and all nominees for their contributions to the agribusiness industry and the inspiration they provide. Well done.